2020 Exclusive Novello Olive Oil Collection

2020 Exclusive Novello Olive Oil Collection


  3 ct

We are pleased to present three of the most exclusive 2020 Novello (New Harvest) Olive Oils. All three of these oils are limited in quantity. Please enjoy this exquisite collection. This makes the perfect gift for those on your list with special dietary restrictions.

Il Molino Limited Edition Organic 2020 Novello Just 2,000 bottles of this fragrant, delicate oil have been made from the 2020 harvest. The Caninese, Leccino and Frantoio olives were harvested in their 5-hectare orchard by the banks of Lake Bolsena. The trees grow in this mild lakeside climate surrounded by scented roses as pure, elegant and exquisite as this special oil. They also provide the inspiration for the rather original label, a tribute to Stelvio Coggiatti – journalist, writer, botanist and Annalisa's father-in-law – who planted the roses in the grove.
This greenish-yellow oil has a delicate and moderately fruited flavour. It opens to the nose with notes of thistle, dried fruit and aromatic herbs. Balanced on the palate, its initial grassiness gives way to a long white-pepper note in the finish.

Laudemio Frescobaldi 2020 Novello: We are so excited to have received a few bottles of the 2020 Olio Nuovo from this incredible Olive Oil Producer. Laudemio Frescobaldi 2020 is remarkably emerald green and brilliant as a real jewel. It is crafted from the purest cold-pressing of perfectly whole Frantoio, Moraiolo, and Leccino olives from the family's property in the hills surrounding Florence. It has elegant aromas of green olives and green apples, and it's loaded with scents of fresh greens, such as wild arugula. The taste is decidedly Tuscan: lots of artichoke, thistle, kale, and other green vegetables. It is very clean and has an outstanding herbal bitterness on the palate with a long-lasting pleasant spiciness. The Laudemio is truly sparkling green!

Aprile 274th 2020 Il Novello: This Novello from Sicily, Italy is the oil obtained from the first olives of the new 2020 harvest. It is the quintessence of extra virgin olive oil for its freshness, intense flavor and beneficial effects for health. The olives of the Biancolilla and Cetrale cultivar are hand-picked directly on the plant the first 10 days of October and cold pressed within 6 hours.

The novello is bottled immediately after extraction, thus managing to express all its fragrance, all aromas and flavors. The novello has an intense fruitiness, characterized by the clear scent of green tomato, fresh grass and artichoke. The taste is full and intense, harmonious, pleasantly spicy and bitter with an aftertaste of sweet almond, apple, wild chicory and spices. The best way to appreciate the novello is raw on legumes, red meats, salads or simply as it once happened on a slice of hot bread.

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