Aprile 274th 2020 Harvest Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Aprile 274th 2020 Harvest Extra Virgin Olive Oil


  500 ml

This Novello from Sicily, Italy is the oil obtained from the first olives of the new 2020 harvest. It is the quintessence of extra virgin olive oil for its freshness, intense flavor and beneficial effects for health. The olives of the Biancolilla and Cetrale cultivar are hand-picked directly on the plant the first 10 days of October and cold pressed within 6 hours.

The novello is bottled immediately after extraction, thus managing to express all its fragrance, all aromas and flavors. The novello has an intense fruitiness, characterized by the clear scent of green tomato, fresh grass and artichoke. The taste is full and intense, harmonious, pleasantly spicy and bitter with an aftertaste of sweet almond, apple, wild chicory and spices. The best way to appreciate the novello is raw on legumes, red meats, salads or simply as it once happened on a slice of hot bread.

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