Best Dad Ever

Best Dad Ever

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  7 ct

Treat your dad to a whiskey lover's dream: Whiskey Pecan Brownies by Killer Brownie®, Bittermilk Smoked Honey Whiskey Sour Mix, Peak Extra Large Ice Cube Trays, and Caspari Cocktail Napkins. This expression of love will convey your appreciation for all he has done.

Whiskey Pecan Brownie by Killer Brownie®: Just in time to celebrate Father's Day, indulge in this rich, decadent Whiskey Pecan Fudge Brownie. The moist fudge brownie is imbued with the smooth flavor of barrel-aged whiskey and mixed with crunchy pecans, heath bits, and chocolate chips. 4 Large Brownies.
Bittermilk Whiskey Sour Mix: Become your own mixologist at home with Bittermilk Smoked Honey Whiskey Sour Mix. Bittermilk revived this old classic by smoking honey over bourbon barrel staves. Bitter orange peel and lemon make for a slightly tart and smoky cocktail, and honey adds a nice frothy head when shaken. Mixes best with your favorite whiskey or Bourbon but also works well with tequila to make a slightly smoky honey margarita. Not to brag or anything, but this is a 2016 Sofi Award winner. Mix equal parts Bittermilk and whiskey with your extra-large ice cubes. Bittermilk handcrafted cocktail mixer compounds are designed for the modern-day cocktail enthusiast. The mixers are made and bottled by hand in small production in Charleston, SC. The ingredients are all-natural and organic whenever possible. The Bittermilk founders say it best: “The labor is in the bottle. Just add booze”.
Peak Extra Large Ice Cube Trays: Peak Extra-Large Ice Cubes melt slower, keeping your drink colder longer. The provided lid blocks out pesky flavors from your freezer, while an internal steel frame makes filling and transporting the tray a breeze. Makes four 2.25-inch ice cubes. Make cocktails at home just like the professional mixologist at your favorite bar with these special ice cubes.
Poppy Popcorn Smoky Texas Popcorn: Smoky, spice-rubbed popcorn with a hint of molasses. It pairs perfectly with whiskey. Close your eyes and you can almost taste the brisket. Was this popcorn cooked low and slow over an open fire? No, but it tastes like it. This large bag contains 9 cups of popcorn and is a limited-edition flavor.

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