Big Spoon Chai Spice Nut Butter

Big Spoon Chai Spice Nut Butter


  13 oz

Big Spoon Chai Spice Nut Butter combines a Masala Chai blend of cardamom, cloves, ginger, cinnamon, vanilla, and black pepper, which is slowly mixed with freshly milled peanuts and almonds before adding raw, organic cane sugar, raw wildflower honey, and sea salt to create a bright, complex burst of flavor in every spoon. Enjoy on toast, PB&J sandwiches (of course with your favorite DLM bread) apples, or use in recipes, smoothies and sauces or your biggest spoon.
The mills used to grind the nuts are specially modified to reproduce hand grinding methods. The nuts are roasted on the premises of the factory. Big Spoon Roasters is acclaimed as one of the country's best nut butters.

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