Capezzana Extra Virgin Olive Oil - 2020 Newly Pressed

Capezzana Extra Virgin Olive Oil - 2020 Newly Pressed


  500 ml

One of Italy's most popular producers of olive oil happens to be bottled and produced on the estate of the Capezzana family. With a low acidity and transparent emerald green color this olive oil has extreme amounts of potential for your cooking experience.

This 2020 Newly Pressed classic Tuscan extra virgin olive oil blends four olive varietals—Frantoio, Leccino, Moraiolo and Pendolino. Although color is not an indicator of quality, the immaculate bright green of the 2020 Harvest will make you go "WOW!" This elegant oil has the aroma of green almond and chamomile. In the mouth it is so clean, and redolent of mild, delicate herbs such as fennel fronds, dill, and watercress.
Enjoy drizzled over gelato, fresh or grilled vegetables or fresh ricotta.

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