DLM Artisan Miche Bread

DLM Artisan Miche Bread


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In the fascinating world of French bread, if the baguette is a big city slicker then the Miche is its soulful country cousin. The word derives from an old French word for 'loaf', and is the type of country sourdough that was once baked in large, stone communal ovens in France, but is now made famous by Parisian bakers, such as Poilane and others. Properly crafted Miche such as ours is one of the world's great sourdough breads, with dark chewy crust and complex moist interior. It takes us more than 3 days to make a batch. Where the magic happens is when the living dough marries the sweetness of wheat and the backbone of rye. The sourdough taste is subtle, but just enough to have you craving bite after bite.

Recommended Use: This bread is terrific with soft cheeses, foie gras, and Rillettes. It also makes a great tartine, ham sandwich and grilled cheese with French Raclette. We only use non-bromated flour and no preservatives, so if you do not enjoy this bread right away, it's recommended that you freeze it.

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