Farin' Up Belgian Baking Mix Sampler

Farin' Up Belgian Baking Mix Sampler


  20 oz

Farin' Up Belgian Baking Mixes are produced by the Miller Family in Luxemburg. The Miller Family's mills have been in operation since 1704 and are now operated by the 11th generation owner, Louis. Louis has traveled the world and developed these artisanal baking mixes using his family's milling traditions.

J'adore Les Pancake Mix: Louis' quest to sample the world's best breakfast treat led him to Canada, where he fell in love with their maple syrup and developed a pancake mix worthy of it's voyage. Simply add milk and Voila! you have the best pancakes perfect for your favorite syrups.

Le Fantastique Belgian Waffle Mix: Louis' quest to sample the world's most famous pastries led him to Liege, Belgium, home to one of life's most delightful indulgences - authentic Liege waffles. The secret ingredient to this exquisite dish is the healthy dose of pearl sugar in the batter, which melt and caramelize when cooked. C'est magnifique!
Simply add milk and butter and Voila!, you have Belgian Style waffles right at home.

Le Delicious Brownies Mix: When Louis found himself in New York, he quickly learned he could find common ground with Americans: Good Food. He loved the American Brownie and went home to craft up his quick and easy mix. This mix makes approximately 20 brownies, just add milk and butter to the mix, bake and Voila! Brownies in minutes.

Le Tasty Cookies Mix with Belgian Chocolate: With this cookie mix, just add water and butter and Voila! You have fresh chocolate chip cookies in minutes. This mix makes approximately 22 cookies.

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