Goat Cheese and Prosciutto Pairing

Goat Cheese and Prosciutto Pairing


  4 ct

The perfect match: bloomy goat cheese, prosciutto, blueberry jam, and blueberry crisps. It's ideal for a light picnic and a welcome gift for anyone needing their spirits lifted. Serves 2-3 as a first course.

Cypress Grove Little Giant Goat Cheese is a bloomy goat cheese from the heart of the Redwoods. Smooth, buttery, and delicate, Little Giant is a bright and fudgy goat cheese that makes a big impact in a tiny package. With subtly sweet, yeast-like flavors of bread fresh out of the oven and mushroomy notes that intensify as the cheese matures, this little goat cheese is mild and delectable at any age. Little Giant has a downy-white, edible rind (kinda like a brie) and like other bloomy cheeses, it continues to ripen from the outside in as it ages.
Raincoast Crisps Wild Blueberry and Almond bring together sweet wild blueberries with just the right amount of tartness, balanced with the nuttiness of almonds, and the power of chia and pumpkin superseeds. Indulge in these crisps on their own, or top them with a savory cheese like goat cheese or Cheddar.
Bow Hill Blueberry Confiture is crafted from Bow Hill Farm's Bluecrop heirloom variety that is very low in sugar so it is not overly sweet. It has the perfect balance of cardamom and lemon to enhance the pure essence of the blueberry.
Niman Ranch Uncured Prosciutto is crafted using old-world techniques. They do not add nitrates, nitrites, preservatives, or fillers. The farmers never use antibiotics or hormones while raising their animals. The prosciutto has never been heat treated to ensure superior quality. The result of their attention to detail is a rich, salty, luxurious prosciutto.

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