Grain Goodness Artisan Bread Sampler

Grain Goodness Artisan Bread Sampler


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These breads are hand-shaped and baked on a European hearth oven for a flavorful, chewy crust with a light aromatic interior. Made from scratch with unbromated, unbleached flours and sea salts. Free of preservatives and artificial additives.

With Grain Goodness, we've brought together some of our artisan breads packed to the brim with the good stuff, like Classic 10-Grain, Seedsational, and Sprouted Grain.

In Ancient Grains, the strength and nutty flavor of chia seeds combine with the benefits of super protein quinoa and sprouted grains, which metabolize more like a plant than a starch. This healthy 1-lb loaf is full of goodness.

With Seedsational, a 100% Whole Grain Bread, the texture, the aroma, and the wonderful nutty flavor of the seeds will capture your senses in a moment. It is chock-full of a variety of seeds: flax, millet, poppy, sesame, sunflower, and pumpkin.

With Classic 10-Grain, you'll find cracked whole wheat, rye meal, corn meal, oats, rice flower, soy grits, crushed triticale, barley flakes, millet, and flax seed. It's soft exterior makes it an excellent choice for sandwiches.

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