Happy Spring!

Happy Spring!


  2 ct

Introducing Poppy Popcorn! They have taken the snack category by storm and is all the rage with their fun packaging and unique flavor combinations, no more boring salted popcorn! We are so excited to bring this special line of popcorn to our site. Please enjoy:

Poppy Spring Confetti Popcorn: Combines popcorn, Guittard chocolate, m&m's and pretzels for an addictive luxurious snack.
Confetti Killer Brownie® 4-Ct Gift Box: This blonde brownie is layered with oozing caramel, white chocolate chips, and a custom blend of colorful sprinkles. It's a celebration for your taste buds!

These amusingly packaged snacks will bring a warm smile to anyone's face and are the perfect way to welcome in Spring.

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