Irish Cheese Pairing - Limited Edition

Irish Cheese Pairing - Limited Edition

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  4 ct

Irish eyes are shining on this limited edition Irish Cheese Pairing. This festive combination will have you dancing an Irish jig for sure. Enjoy these special cheeses while supplies last:

Oscar Wilde Aged Cheddar: Oscar Wilde Irish Cheddar is aged two years and made in County Cork, Ireland. It's a rich cheese with a firm, creamy taste. It is only here for a limited time.

Claddagh Bó Aged Irish Cheddar: The name of this aged Irish Cheddar comes from two traditional terms. Claddagh comes from the traditional 'claddagh ring', which symbolizes love, friendship, and loyalty. B is Gaelic for cow as this Irish Cheddar has milk from grass-fed cows. Handcrafted by the Cahill family on their farm in County Limerick, this beautiful tricolor cheese makes the perfect centerpiece for a St. Parick's Day cheese board. This cheese is here only for limited time, once it's gone, it's gone until next year.

Cahill's Porter Cheddar: Cahill's is a family-owned, small-scale cheesemaking dairy in Newcastle West in County Limerick, Ireland. Their Porter Cheddar is actually flavored with Irish Porter. Smooth and rich in flavor, the Porter is distinct without overwhelming the cheese.

Irish Soda Bread: Every year we make Irish eyes smile with this special treat. As the name implies, it's traditional bread from Ireland that incorporates baking soda rather than yeast. Along with other traditional ingredients such as premium flour, buttermilk, sea salt, and sugar, we enliven our rendition with butter, currants, and a few caraway seeds. Our artisan bread bakers hand-shape and bake each loaf daily all month long.

Don't press your luck, treat yourself or someone you love to this festive cheese pairing.

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