Italian Artisan Collection

Italian Artisan Collection



This collection celebrates our food adventures through Italy and reflects our thirst for discovery and inspiration. It is difficult to limit it to just seven products, but this will get your Italian pantry started or compliment any gourmet palate.

DLM Vera Jane's Extra Virgin Olive Oil is produced from olive groves near the beautiful medieval town of Lucignano in Tuscany, Italy. This oil has a nice rounded rustic flavor with a peppery tickle typically found in Tuscan oils. Named for Vera Mayne, long time matriarch of the DLM family.
Parmigiano-Reggiano comes from the rolling hills outside of Modena, Italy. We've visited the farm, seen how the cheese is aged...even petted the cows! These docile, content animals produce wonderful milk thanks to their diet of grazing the local forage. And great milk makes great cheese. Every wheel is aged for some two years and expertly inspected before being shipped to us.
Monograno Felicetti Matt Spaghetti is 100% organic and made in Italy. Matt is a resilient and rich variety of durum wheat that is farmed from the sunny fields of Apulia. Its ancient taste reminds us of stone cooked bread and butter. This is truly one of Italy's best pastas in our opinion.
Mariangela Prunotto Organic Arrabbiata Sauce is a traditional recipe made with fresh hot pepper as the base along with carrots, onions, garlic, celery, and basil. There is just a subtle, lingering heat but it is not overpowering. There is no sugar, salt, or concentrate added.
Masseria Mirogallo's Pomodori Pelati tomatoes are peeled by hand and are a typical Lucan specialty. This pantry powerhouse has so many uses and elevates everything it touches. The Belfiore family carefully cultivates seeds from the previous harvest and replants their own heirloom tomato seeds year after year. When ripe, the tomatoes are harvested by hand, carefully cleaned, quickly blanched, and hand peeled with fascinating skill. The tomatoes are jarred (not canned) and briefly pasteurized. The results are incredible. You will never want to eat canned tomatoes again.
Principato di Lucedio Carnaroli Rice is from one of Italy's finest rice growing estates located in the heart of the Piemonte region. Grown on the flood plains there, this rice is harvested once a year in September, then dried and only husked when orders are received. This ensures you get the freshest rice possible. Great when simmered in white wine and served with sea salt, black pepper, and freshly grated Parmigiano-Reggiano. This is our favorite rice for risotto.
Ritrovo Selections Ligurian Olives in Extra Virgin Olive Oil are legendary Taggiasca late-harvest, pitted olives. Add to salads, tapas, sauces, pasta, or charcuterie boards.

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