It's Time to Celebrate Dinner Party

It's Time to Celebrate Dinner Party


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Celebrate life's major moments the Italian way: Eat Pasta! We love these Mariangela Prunotto Organic Sauces with Pastificio G. Di Martino pastas from Italy. We also include John Wm. Macy Melting Parmesan Cheese Sticks and we can't help ourselves, no celebration is complete without a Killer Brownie®.

This is the perfect gift to celebrate anniversaries, new babies, new homes or to say thank you.

Mariangela Prunotto Organic Pasta Sauces: Are made in Alba, Italy in the Northern Piedmont Region. The organic tomatoes are transformed into this delicious sauce within 48 hours of collection.
Prunotto Arrabiattta Sauce: This traditional recipe is made with fresh hot pepper as a base along with carrots, onions, garlic, celery and basil. There is no sugar, salt or concentrate added. It delivers just the right amount of subtle heat, but is not overpowering.
Prunotto Tomato and Basil Sauce: The fresh organic tomatoes are cooked within 48 hours of harvest with only basil. No sugar, salt or concentrate added.

Pastificio G. Di Martino Pastas: Are made in Italy using 100% Italian durum wheat and spring water from Monti Lattari for 3 generations. They use traditional bronze die extraction and is Pasta Di Gragnano I.G.P. Penne Rigate is a wonderful pasta that stands up to all sauce types. This is a favorite for all pasta lovers. This Spaghetti has rough edges to hold the sauce beautifully. The festive packaging designed by Dolce & Gabbana make for the perfect celebration!

John Wm. Macy Melty Parmasan Cheese Sticks: Are made with layers of fresh sourdough and real aged Parmesan cheese, hand-twisted and baked twice for the perfect crunch. A little extra unsalted butter produces a milder flavor and softer texture than our more boldly-flavored CheeseSticks.

Killer Brownie® Original 5-ct Bars: We can't throw a party without our beloved brownies, so we add in our Original bars. These triple layer brownies hug a layer of gooey caramel, chocolate chips and pecans.

Rejoice and celebrate with good food! Serves 4-6 People

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