Lillie's Q Seasoning Bundle

Lillie's Q Seasoning Bundle


  3 ct

With these three seasonings you will be king or queen of the grill!
Lillie's Q Carolina Dirt BBQ Rub is the perfect sugar-based rub for slow-cooked, unbeatable flavor. Not only is this rub all you will need for slow-cooked ribs and pulled pork, but it's the perfect seasoning for fries or roasted potatoes.
Lillie's Q Brisket Pepper is a special pepper from India in the ideal grind size to perfectly season your Texas-style brisket. We also recommend you try it on anything that needs a large pepper grind such as steak au poivre or tuna au poivre. It can also be used as an everyday pepper when used in a pepper grinder. For best results, sprinkle generously on beef, lamb, and dark meat poultry a minimum of 15 minutes before cooking. It is recommended that you do not rub into meat.
Lillie's Q Q-Rub is an all-purpose salt-based rub with a dash of black pepper and garlic. It is extremely versatile and was inspired by time spent in California. Bring new life to your favorite beef, pork, chicken, and turkey. Sprinkle over your favorite meat just 15 minutes prior to cooking to take it to the next level.

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