Maverick Chocolates Best Sellers

Maverick Chocolates Best Sellers



This chocolate is handcrafted in small batches from the bean to the finished bar in the historic Findlay Market in Cincinnati, Ohio. Enjoy their best-selling bars:

Maverick 60% Dark Milk Chocolate uses the robust Dominican Republic cacao, lightly sweetened with organic cane sugar and a touch of Madagascar vanilla beans. They source their Dominican Republic cacao from the nearly 200-year-old plantation Hacienda Elvesia, which is based on the principle of sustainable agriculture.
Maverick Prohibition Milk Chocolate won the 2015 International Chocolate Award and is made with real Kentucky Bourbon imparting the chocolate with a smooth Bourbon flavor. A sprinkling of smoked sea salt balances out this lightly sweet, dark milk chocolate. Tasting notes: Bourbon, creamy chocolate, smoked salt.
Maverick 70% Belize Dark Chocolate uses cocoa from the Maya Mountain Cacao Co-op which sources premium cacao from smallholder Belizean farmers with a focus on contributing to reforestation efforts and sustainable organic agricultural practices. Tasting Notes: Savory chocolate, bright acidity, with notes of roasted nuts.

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