Morgenster Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Morgenster Extra Virgin Olive Oil



500 ml
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Estate grown, pressed and bottled in Stellenbosch, the acclaimed wine and olive growing region outside of Capetown, South Africa. Year to year, this oil offers a consistent flavor profile made from a blend of fourteen olive varieties originally of Italian origin. An intensely fruity oil tastes of artichokes, green apples and almonds followed by a long, peppery finish. It compliments pasta dishes, meats, vegetables and even some desserts. Each varietal is handpicked, pressed and stored separately in stainless steel tanks. This oil is allowed to settle longer than other oils, enabling the sediment to separate naturally before it's siphoned off (without the need for a filtration system). Less sediment improves the quality of the oil and extends the shelf life. The terroir of the region is perfect for producing high quality olive oil. The rain runs off of the rocky soil quickly, meaning no excess water ends up in the olive fruit (less water means higher anti-oxidants!).



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