Olympia Provisions Carnivore Sampler

Olympia Provisions Carnivore Sampler

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Olympia Provisions is a USDA approved charcuterie shop in Portland, Oregon. Their focus is all things pork as they butcher, cure, ferment, stuff, dry, cook, and smoke almost every cut of the venerable pig. The salamis and pâtés are hand-made and carefully crafted using age-old European techniques.

Indulge in the ultimate charcuterie experience or send as a gift. Lots of thanks will be coming your way! To complete the ultimate first course experience, add in a cocktail such as our Runamok Smoked Maple Fashioned Happy Hour. Or, add on a cheese pairing like European Cheese Flight.


Saucisson Sec: This French-inspired salami is seasoned with garlic and black pepper.

Finocchiona: This is an Italian-style salami with fennel seed and garlic.

Loukanika: This Greek-inspired salami is seasoned with cumin and orange zest. Green Peppercorn Pâté: Rustic pork pâté garnished with green peppercorns and red wine.

Pork Pistachio Pâté: Coarse country-style pâté with fresh herbs and pistachios.


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