Tender Belly No Sugar Dry-Rub Uncured Bacon

Tender Belly No Sugar Dry-Rub Uncured Bacon

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  12 oz

The rich and hearty flavor of their outstanding Heritage Breed pork needs no bells and whistles, although the signature dry-rub certainly adds that impeccable zip. For this edition they pulled a disappearing act, losing the added sugar which allows the distinguished flavors of the pork and other high-quality, dry-rub ingredients to do all the talking. Paleo and Keto Certified.

Tender Belly Bacon takes great pigs to make great bacon. Their heritage breed hogs are Old World pigs raised without antibiotics, vegetarian fed, and crate-free. They take longer to grow and mature, which means they have extra fattiness. That leads to more marbling, and even more tender meat with better flavor and juiciness

Unlike many other brands, Tender Belly does not inject water into their uncured bacon. Ever. They rub their pork bellies with freshly ground spices and let the tasty dry rub soak in for days. They then slow smoke the bacon for hours using real cherry wood. No antibiotics ever. No nitrates or nitrites added. It's definitely not the easiest way to craft bacon, but to settle for anything less than the best is, well, just crazy.

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