The Flavors of Ernest Hemingway BBQ Sauce Sampler

The Flavors of Ernest Hemingway BBQ Sauce Sampler


  4 ct

The Ernest Hemingway Brand set out to take Hemingway's love of travel, culture, and cuisine and turn it into something both tangible and tastable. A way to, in a sense, experience flavor like he did. The goal and mission is to provide consumers with a way to travel his culinary world through the products they create. From Key West to Cuba, France to Spain to Africa, the flavors created allow you to travel the world via taste, not planes, trains or automobiles. We want you to be inspired by the flavors and cultures that inspired the man who has inspired so many.
Consider this your passport to the world of flavors Hemingway loved.

The Hunt BBQ Sauce which was inspired by the time Hemingway spent in Lake Manyara, Tanzania, where he and wife Pauline spent 10 weeks on safari. Travels to places like Africa provided him the adventure he sought throughout his life.
The sauce contains native African spices and fruits, including paprika, tamarind, mandarin oranges and pear. These native flavors have been added to a tomato and pepper base to give it a sweet flavor on the front with a little bite on the back. This is by far the most versatile flavor of the Hemingway line and can we used on meat, poultry, seafood or even veggies. Try it as a marinade, barbecue or grilling sauce but also as a dipping sauce.
The Pilar is a deep, rich BBQ sauce infused with the essence of Papa Pilar’s Dark Rum. Inspired by Hemingway’s boundless travels on his beloved boat, "The Pilar”. This robust sauce is slightly sweet with hints of the deep, rich taste of rum. Velvety, rich and smooth.
Havana BBQ Is inspired by time in Havana, Cuba which embraced a zest for good food, good drink and good times. This Havana BBQ sauce conjures up the timeless flair and spice of Havana. Open a bottle, slather and enjoy on your favorite protein.
Rum Runner Marinade evokes Hemingway's legendary love of rum and food. The Rum Runner Marinade captures the delicious blend of fine rum, honey, savory ingredients and just enough spice to create a culinary experience second to none.
This tasty all purpose marinade pairs well with poultry, fish, beef and more. Marinades are intended for soaking protein to tenderize while adding flavor. This is an authentic marinade and intended for the sole purpose of marinating.

Makes a great gift for Dad or any foodie in your life!

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