The Parisian Grilled Cheese Kit

The Parisian Grilled Cheese Kit

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  4 ct

This is one our favorite grilled cheese combinations. We all love that melty, gooey French Raclette and most of us do not own a Raclette melter. So the next best thing is a grilled cheese sandwich! This Miche bread is made fresh in our bakery and is very similar to the famous Poilâne French bread in Paris. We recommend generously slathering on Edmond Fallot Mustard on one side of two pieces of bread, pile on the French-style salami, and then lots of Raclette. For a special treat, allow some of the cheese to ooze out and grill on the pan—it's the best part. This kit includes:
French Raclette
Edmond Fallot Burgundy Mustard
DLM Artisan Miche Bread
The Three Little Pigs Saucisson Sec Salami

Whether you treat yourself or someone special in your life, indulge in this French Grilled Cheese Kit. If grilled cheese sandwiches are not your thing, enjoy it without grilling. It's also a delicious appetizer kit!

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