This Little Goat Went to Belize Seasoning

This Little Goat Went to Belize Seasoning


  2 oz

We are excited to share this fun line of spices and sauces from Stephanie Izard of Girl and the Goat in Chicago. Her line of spice mixes is globally inspired to effortlessly add a boost of flavor to your everyday dishes at home. This hearty and bright spice mix is inspired by the flavors of Belize with bright citrus flavors, garlic, onion, smoky paprika, and chilies. We suggest sprinkling over chicken, veggies, and pork. It livens up tzatziki, mayo-based sauces, roasted cashews, or grilled chicken. Upgrade your burger instantly with a just a few dashes. Explore the endless ways to bring your food to life with these great spices.

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