Unio Siurana Arbequina Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Unio Siurana Arbequina Extra Virgin Olive Oil


  750 ml

Another great value from Spain. Its smooth, fruity flavor makes it excellent for everyday use in salads, as well as cooking. This oil is from Catalonia in northern Spain. It is made with the Arbequina Olive and is DOP Certified. It has an intense and pleasantly fruity green olive aroma, with notes that are reminiscent of mint and freshly cut grass, as well as hints of fruit like apple or banana. The flavors of tomato and unripe walnut, with an almond aftertaste that creates a magnificent sensation on the palate, stand out in the mouth and you quickly appreciate that you are tasting a unique and exceptional oil. Overall it is a harmonious, well-rounded and rich oil with a multitude of attributes and a perfect balance between sweet, bitter and spicy.
DOP: DOP Siurana

Olive variety: Arbequina
Acidity: < 0,2 %
Polyphenols: 190 ppm

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