Vera Jane's 2020 Novello Extra-Virgin Olive Oil

Vera Jane's 2020 Novello Extra-Virgin Olive Oil


  500 ml

Throughout the year, we celebrate the arrival of so many great seasonal foods, and the highly anticipated release of our Vera Jane's Extra Virgin “Novello” Olive Oil every winter is one we're excited to spotlight and present to you! It was just harvested late this past fall from family-owned groves in Tuscany, Italy. Clean, bright, distinct green olive and spring grass tones making this "new" oil perfect for fresh basil pesto! It finishes with a healthy, peppery kick indicative of fresh, superior-quality extra virgin oil. Try brushing it on steaks, tossing in salads, or adding a few drops atop DLM Madagascar Vanilla Gelato. Simply put, it's great for everyday uses, so drizzle liberally and enjoy the distinctive flavor of Tuscany.

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