Willie's Cocoa 3-pack

Willie's Cocoa 3-pack


  3 ct

The goal of Willie's Cocoa is to introduce everyone to real chocolate with pure, beautiful flavors. Willie owns a cocoa farm in Venezuela and roasts and processes the chocolates in Great Britain. He uses the world's great single estate cacaos, which like fine wines all have highly individual flavors. He allows the cacao to ferment to develop a rich chocolate flavor. They carefully dry the beans in the sun for about one week. All of this extra effort and care are evident once you taste this exquisite chocolate. It literally melts in your mouth. This 3 pack includes Milk of the Stars (Intense milk chocolate with soft caramel notes); Almendra (dark chocolate with Roasted Almonds) and Ginger Lime (Dark Chocolate with Layers of Exotic Flavors).

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