Yandilla Spicy Mustard Seed Oil Spicy

Yandilla Spicy Mustard Seed Oil Spicy


  8.5 oz

Yandilla Mustard Seed Oil is made in small-batches witha cold pressed process to deliver the true essence of the mustard seed with its vibrant wasabi-like flavor. It is crafted in Australia by a mustard-obsessed family from proprietary mustard seeds grown using old-fashioned seed hybridizing techniques. This is literally the only food grade mustard seed oil approved by the US FDA thanks to its low level of acid. It is the proud winner of a 2017 sofi Award from the Specialty Food Association. This versatile oil is gaining popularity among chefs and home cooks for its clean, bright flavor and high smoke point. We recommend using it on vegetable stir fries, salad dressing, fish, especially tuna poke or shrimp, especially to enhance Indian dishes.

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