Capriole O'Banon Goat Cheese

Capriole O'Banon Goat Cheese

$15 $13.50  

  6.0 oz

Capriole Goat Cheeses have been crafting goat cheese by hand in Greenville, Indiana, since 1988. The O'Banon is fresh goat cheese wrapped up in Bourbon-soaked chestnut leaves. As the cheesemonger says, "This cheese is not just a gorgeous face, it is also very, very pretty on the inside, where it matters most". The O'Banon initially has a bright, tart-fruit flavor, but it's balanced by an underlying sweetness and soft cloud-like paste, typical of the hand-ladled process that makes all Capriole's cheeses unique. This is a beautiful solo cheese with simple bread or crackers.

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