Capriole Tea Rose Goat Cheese

Capriole Tea Rose Goat Cheese


  6 oz

Amongst the hay fields and hilly landscape of southern Indiana lies a farm where goats happily graze on deep rooted plants and small trees. It's from these goats that Capriole gets the milk to make their exquisite line of cheeses, including their Tea Rose Goat Cheese. Named after a mother goat to several milking daughters, this fresh goat's milk cheese is decorated with Herbes de Provence, fennel pollen, and aromatic flower petals that complement the delicate yet bright flavors of the cheese. A delightful addition to any cheese board, this cheese pairs wonderfully with flowering honeys, un-oaked Chardonnay, Vouvray, and other light white wines.

Consider adding on this Wildflower Honey: Savannah Bee Wildflower Honey .

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