DLM Bacon Club - 2 Months

DLM Bacon Club - 2 Months



Whether you treat yourself or give as a gift, this monthly club will please any bacon lover. Each month, we'll include two packages of bacon from our curated selection. The DLM Signature Regular Cut and Thick Cut Bacon are sourced from duBreton who humanely raises their hogs on family farms where they live and grow with access to plenty of fresh air and sunshine. Their animals are fed 100% vegetarian feed and never given antibiotics or hormones, ever. DLM Bacon contains no MSG, lactose, nitrates, nitrites, or gluten. This Two Month Club includes the following Bacon:

Month One:
DLM Hickory-Smoked Regular Cut Uncured Bacon
Neuske's Applewood-Smoked Bacon

Month Two:
DLM Applewood-Smoked Regular Cut Uncured Bacon
North Country Charcuterie Bacon

Bacon Club subscriptions include overnight shipping costs.

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