Equator Coffees Equator Blend

Equator Coffees Equator Blend


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  12 oz

Equator Coffees from Marin County, California, set out to prove that coffee can be better. From the roasting and brewing methods to the sourcing, Equator Coffee endeavors to make a high-impact coffee company focused on quality and sustainability. These are the coffees served in Thomas Keller's Restaurants (and if they are good enough for the French Laundry, they are good enough for us). Equator Blend is a medium dark roast. As their namesake blend, it is sourced from the world's best know growing regions. This rich and smooth blend is a sure crowd-pleaser. The combination of beans from Sumatra, Kenya, and Colombia create a smooth and complex blend that holds up to milk but is great on its own. Tasting notes include cedar, apricot, marzipan, chocolate, and nutmeg.

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