Maria Grammatico Pasticceria Estratto di Pomodoro

Maria Grammatico Pasticceria Estratto di Pomodoro


  3.53 oz

Maria Grammatico's thick, rich tomato paste is made in the old fashioned way from a Sicilian heirloom variety of San Marzano tomatoes under the hot Sicilian sun. Dense, glossy and intensely fruity, this potent tomato paste brings outstanding depth and sweetness to any dish. Ripe tomatoes are carefully ground by hand and the paste is spread onto wooden boards and placed in the hot summer sun to dry for 8 - 10 days. The Estratto takes on a deep red color and is lightly salted with sea salt and topped with a thin layer of olive oil. The addition of a small spoonful of Estratto will bring complexity to any tomato-based sauce, soup, stew, marinades or rubs. We recommend spreading a thin layer on DLM toasted bread with a drizzle of Vera Janes's Olive Oil for a perfect appetizer.

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