Olive Oils of the World Club - 6 Months

Olive Oils of the World Club - 6 Months


  6 ct

This Olive Oil Club allows you to experience 6 of our favorites, each with its own distinctive flavor profile. You can experience first hand how different olive varietals grown in different parts of the world affect the flavor and viscosity. For each of 6 months, we will ship one of the following oils. As is with all of our clubs, shipping is included in the price.

ITALY: Vera Jane's Extra Virgin Olive Oil is DLM's Signature Olive Oil. Years ago, Norman stumbled upon this oil in Tuscany, Italy and shipped it to Calvin to taste test. Calvin loved it so much that he named it after his grandmother, Vera Jane. It is grassy, rustic and ends with a peppery tickle. It is a great finishing oil and terrific in salad dressings.

USA: Enzo Delicate Olive Oil from California is a 100% USDA certified organic, estate-grown California extra-virgin olive oil. The fourth-generation Ricchiuti family has made a home in the Central Valley, combining their Italian heritage with premier California soil for their oils. This bold oil is green/gold in color and has a smooth richness up front followed by a peppery kick. Perfect for finishing any dish or as a bread dipper.

SOUTH AFICA: Morgenster Extra Virgin Olive Oil from South Africa is Estate grown, pressed and bottled in Stellenbosch, the acclaimed wine and olive growing region outside of Capetown, South Africa. Year to year, this oil offers a consistent flavor profile made from a blend of fourteen olive varieties originally of Italian origin. An intensely fruity oil with notes of artichokes, green apples and almonds followed by a long, peppery finish. It compliments pasta dishes, meats, vegetables and even some desserts.

SPAIN: Vieiru Extra Virgin Olive Oil is made from a single varietal, 100% Manzanilla Cacerna olives. It was awarded The Best Olive Oil in Spain in 2017. It's medium-bodied, with grassy notes and hints of tomato. Perfect for frying eggs, drizzling on pastas or roasted veges and meats.

TUNISIA: Les Moulins Mahjoub Olive Oil has a very smooth, pleasant, ripe olive taste in the style of French oils, with no hints of bitterness. We recommend finishing your pastas, meats, seafood or veges with this 100% Organic liquid gold.

AUSTRALIA: Cobram Estates EVOO has body, fruitiness and a nice peppery thing going on. It is reminiscent of an elegant Tuscan oil, but comes to us from "Down Under". It boasts the Holy trifecta of olive varietals which gives it that award winning flavor (too many awards to mention).

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